Friday, January 30, 2009

Unconditional Time

Beautiful Child

Mother gave birth to me without a crib awaiting my arrival.
Fatherless, you and I, both
Immersed in doubt.
On the verge of twenty plus five, still
I wonder where you ended, and why I began.

Deprived Wife

You spotted her at In-N-Out in an Amethyst-infused Autumn, 1981.
Middle Eastern eyebrows arched so high,
Like the Fawcett you fancied on the wall of your Israeli barracks,
You knew you wished she were yours.
An Iranian Toman for your thoughts, a diamond in your rough Netanya edifice,
Open to slam and offer ill praise to.
My mother never knew subservience, until you.

Free-spirited Papa

You left at midnight on March 25, 2002.
The notion of paying child support; null and void,
Tantalizingly liberating.
My sperm donor; poor in possessing any fervor for love,
Positively absorbed by the lack of fatherly accomplishments.


Bolted to the wall; its incessant beats compel me to inexhaustible insanity.
Along its deep watchtower I remain,
Buoyant in shallowness, yet to no avail.
They lie unconditionally.
They produce wounds, rarely healing.
They wait for no one.
Loitering around, motionless, I breathe for them.